this is coming a little too soon

Just one day and two years ago Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) hit Metro Manila and brought some of the worst rain and flooding a person will ever see in his lifetime. I was able to participate in relief operations in one of the worst hit places, Barangay Nangka, Marikina City, a small community right by the Marikina river, and caught glimpses of the kind of flooding these rains brought– water and mud marks past the second floor of houses, plastic debris hanging from 15-foot high telephone wires, and many families displaced with all possessions washed away.

Now only two years later, another monster of a typhoon, Typhoon Pedring, hits the Philippines. Please, not another Ondoy. The images on twitter were pretty scary. I’m neither going to speculate on God’s plan nor attempt to think of anything profound to make sense of the situation. However, I do know that the days that followed Ondoy were filled with awe-inspiring stories of the human spirit’s capacity to care and to respond to the plight of others. It was beautiful.

This set of photos taken between November and December 2009 in a section of Barangay Nangka called GK (Gawad Kalinga) Camacho. There are a few photos of the community slowly getting back on its feet as well as the families living in GK Camacho starting over. I hope they are safe and dry tonight. I hope angels whether from heaven or next door, came to their aid earlier today. I hope that the heroism that followed Typhoon Ondoy comes out in this rain.

The place

The people

If you want to help the victims of Typhoon Pedring, I’m sure the people at will be happy to tell you how.

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