the periphery

With a renewed commitment to actually get out and take photos, I got up before sunrise this weekend to shoot something new. OK, its a market again. But wait this one’s different but more on that in my next entry. This post is for a few of my favorites.

Looking at all the 300-plus photos from this short sunday foray into the market, I was reminded of some good photography advice from a long time ago:

“Respond, don’t record.”

I spent way too much time recording. Anyway…

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2 thoughts on “the periphery

  1. Love these images! This is just the kind of photography that appeals to me. Gorgeous tones and composition. The first image for some reason is the one I like the most even though the second one tells a more emotional story. Good work! Oh and I love b&w too…

    • Thanks for the kind comment. I’m slowly learning how to shoot quickly with the X100. I’m getting the hang of it. I wish I had read your article on Steve’s site before shooting these photos though! I’m a B&W fan myself but the other post in color was to bring out the vibrant market scene. I’d like to shoot in a market in India one day 🙂

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